How does the "Messages" feature work?

'Messages' allows you to access the communication history between you and your matches. New and unread notifications will be denoted by a number.

Click/tap on the match's name to open the message window. 

  • Personalised messages - Engage in meaningful connections on our platform with our intuitive messaging feature. Effortlessly craft personalized messages to express your interests and connect with like-minded singles. Connect confidently and explore potential matches through our streamlined messaging experience.

  • Comments and "Likes" - click/tap 'show more' to see full details. If you would like to hide the details, click/tap 'show less'. Thumbnails of the photos will be displayed in the conversation window.

  • Smiles - if a match sends you a smile, you can click/tap 'Smile back'. Your match will receive a notification of your smile.

  • Photos - if you receive a photo request from a match, you will be prompted to upload a photo. Click/tap 'Upload a photo now' to be redirected to your gallery.

If you click/tap on the 3-dot menu next to the match’s name, you will find three options:

  • Go to profile to visit the profile of your match.

  • Report messages if a message does not respect our Code of Conduct, or is abusive/inappropriate.  For instructions, please visit this article: How do I report a concern?

  • Delete Conversation if you would like to delete the communication history. This will not delete your match, so if you change your mind, you can always initiate contact again. It is not possible to reinstate a deleted conversation. Please use this button with caution.